CLLC, Inc. Governing Board

Ann Areson, Ph.D.

Development Director
Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

Brynya Bowden

Public Relations Director

Jay Hanes, Ph.D.

Safety Director

Janyce J. Hyatt, Ed.D., MFA

Corresponding Secretary
Coordinator, Creating Landscapes at Allegheny College; Partnerships

Jill Hyatt, M.E.D.

Vice Chair

Joyce Klasen

Creating Landscapes for Families, Founder and Venue Director

David Miller, Ph.D.


Shannon Ongley, CPA

Treasurer; Chair, Finance Committee, Learning Venues Financial Director

Jacqueline Peters, M.Ed.

Finance Committee

Ross Prather, Esq.

Parliamentarian; Chair, Governance Committee; Legalities

Stuart Rothman


Elizabeth Spadafore, Esq.

Chair; Legalities

Charlotte Wellman

Recording Secretary

Linda Wetsell

Associate Financial Director

Dana Hunter Yeager, M.A.

K-8 Independent School Founder and Venue Director