The Creating Landscapes Learning Center Inc.


The Creating Landscapes Learning Center Inc. enhances and augments the face of learning for all students in the greater Meadville area of northwestern Pennsylvania. Our educational programs of “serious play” are intergenerational, creative, and interdisciplinary. Thematic explorations are focused toward forming questions, making connections, finding expression and expanding capacity for aesthetic experience.

The Creating Landscapes Learning Center Inc. currently comprises two learning venues.


  1. Creating Landscapes for Families is the learning venue in which individuals learn to take time to nurture networks of relationships. Its creation provides opportunities for local families to participate in the kinds of shared experiences that have the potential to help people identify their needs, sense their value and take action to create meaningful change.

  2. The Learning Center: K-8 School, a state licensed, independent elementary school, offers three non-traditional multiage classrooms and a kindergarten. A diverse school community offers interdisciplinary thematic units and an exploration of creative processes unique to hands-on learning experiences.

Landscapes learning is distinctive because it goes beyond traditional dualisms, distinctions and separations by developing curriculum and pedagogic practices that encourage interconnections: mind and body, feeling and reason, theory and practice, expression and reflection, thinking and doing, self and community, art and science, personal insights and large ideas, town and gown.