Middle & High School Enrichment Collaboration

Student Expectations

Dear Student,

We appreciate your participation in the Senior High School Enrichment Program. Although this program is implemented at Allegheny College, it is an extension of the home school district curriculum.  Therefore, students who participate in this program are subject to the rules and regulations just as if they were at the home school. 

  1. The importance of carefully selecting seminars was explained to you when you received your registration packet.  To the best of everyone’s ability, you have been placed in seminars of your choice.  We hope that you will find them to be interesting, meaningful, and educational. These seminars are designed to have ten to twenty students in attendance. DO NOT switch seminars unless instructed to do so by an instructor, guidance counselor, or district coordinator.

  2. Attendance is critical since seminars consist of only twelve sessions.  Missing three sessions indicates that you have lost interest and contact with the objectives of the seminar.  If you miss three seminar sessions, you will be dropped from the program. Certificates of accomplishment are issued at the discretion of the instructor.

  3. Many seminars will have some form of independent or group study or work activity on campus. Your conduct is a reflection of your school and community and a high level of personal responsibility, standard of behavior and representation is expected.

  4. School district policy applies to all students who participate in the seminars.  This includes the time students are traveling to and from the seminars, at the seminar facilities, and during the seminars. Students who conduct themselves inappropriately will be disciplined in accordance with the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy. Instructors are not expected to tolerate disciplinary or academic problems. Should problems arise, they will promptly be referred to the respective district coordinator for appropriate resolution.

  5. Students are expected to ride on district provided transportation unless the parents have made special arrangements in advance and your school principal and guidance counselor have granted approval. Documentation of approval must also be given to the project coordinator.

  6. Smoking is prohibited.

  7. Students must remain on campus at the designated seminar/lunch area at all times.

  8. Know your schedule, seminar location(s) and be prompt.  Students are expected to arrive on campus no later than 8:45 A.M.  Classes begin promptly at 9:00 A.M. and finish at 1:20 P.M.

  9. You are expected to be prepared, contribute, experience, and learn as much as possible while enjoying your seminar time.