Students say...



Student Quotes

"This (form of drawing) can exercise your brain and teach you to work with what you have. This class is not a mere "see-and-draw" class, but instead it is an opportunity to reach your inner creative self and experience a new side of art each time you are in the classroom."

Middle School Student Evaluations of Enrichment Program

I felt comfortable working with the artist in my major.
I learned new, different and interesting things.
I am able to express my opinions, reactions, and responses.
I liked the way the day was organized.
Having five minors for two weeks each gives me a fair introduction to these disciplines.
Attending the program is worthwhile and enriching.

Favorite Part

  • Major- great teacher, fun and different projects exploring different kinds of art               
  • Working with people my age with similar interests is a rare treat and makes me feel like I can be myself
  • More freedom; don’t have to wait for others to understand because everyone is smart
  • More interesting to be taught how to think instead of what to thinks
  • Sharing: I like to show people what I wrote
  • Writing: we have interesting prompts
  • Minors: we get to try everything
  • Major- gave me a chance to improve my writing skills
  • Major- entertaining while I learn
  • Minors- got to learn new things in a fun way
  • Mingling with other schools; making new friends
  • everything
  • Minors- always new and interesting
  • Lunch (many responses)
  • Pseudoscience because of the logic
  • Watching other groups present- fantastic experience
  • Major fun and learning  (many responses)
  • lunch: food and friends (many responses)
  • major-fun and I like music
  • meeting new people
  • lunch to reflect on what has been done
  • great food (many responses)
  • I love this program
  • Food class- get to eat
  • Extremely enjoyable and fun manor
  • Major- the most fun
  • More freedom and get to be ourselves