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If you come to Allegheny College on 12 Fridays during the school year 2015-2016 you can learn about a variety of topics especially selected for their potential to interest adults.  The Adult Learning Force (ALF) manifests “Live and Learn.”  It is an outgrowth of the Gifted and Talented College Collaboration between Allegheny College and three area school districts.  In this Creating Landscapes learning satellite you are invited to become re-acquainted with the best of liberal arts learning.  Come dialogue with some of Allegheny’s most acclaimed faculty and Meadville’s most respected art and science educators.  This is serious play!

Academic 2015-16 is our seventh season. The first year, six community members particularly enjoyed “Islam” with Vica Gardner; in the second year the favorite of 15-16 participating members was learning from Richard Curry’s course on Huckleberry Finn; the third year Prof. Jim Bulman attracted 25-30 for his course on four of Shakespeare’s plays and the last three years more than 50 of us participated in 4 courses designed especially for adult learners while some of us also chose to participate in classes designed primarily for the high school population of students.  This year we offer five courses designed especially for our group (VV, WW, XX, YY, ZZ below at the end of the course offerings section) as well as several courses designed for high school students.

In academic 2015-2016, unless otherwise noted, one hour classes will meet on the twelve Fridays indicated below. September 11 and 25; October 9 and 23; November 13; December 4; January 22; February 19; March 4; April 1, 15, and 29.  On the class chart the number 1 denotes class begins at 9:00am; number 2  tells you that class begins at 10:15 am; a number 3 class begins at 12:15 pm and the lone number 4 class begins at 1:30 pm.  Locations of the classes will be available at a later date.

Enrollment for adult learners is limited to 50 participants and class size is also limited so you will be assigned to the classes of your choice on a first come first served basis after high school students have registered.